Marshian landings on Planet this

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


18 people were killed last night as I watched Family Guy. I'm having a hard time understanding the whole concept of TV. Why is it so easy to be "sucked in" as they say? Why do I "find" myself sitting on a couch watching this animated box rage before "my" eyes? Even in the days as I travel the streets and shopping "malls" my mouth salivates for what will be shown to me later in the night.
Back to the 18 dead people. There was this horrible sound as I watched TV. It was the sound of people being killed. I heard it 18 times but I was too afraid to look outside. So this morning I walked outside and the streets were empty. I can't account for the "screaming" but there's no other "e"xplanation; I don't think.


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